Plaka, 1932.

That's where it all started.

Every morning, my grandfather Giannis opened his shop, with the name "Paleologos", and got busy with his favorite occupation: making hand-made prams, cradles, bicycles & prams from metal, as well as children's toys, which were carried away by the families of the time.

For 35 years the grandfather's hobby remained the same, the only thing that changed was the place where he devoted himself to his art: from 1940 to 1960 at 1 Lebesi Street, in Acropolis, and from 1960 in a basement at 54 Hesperidon, in Kallithea . In 1967, he moved his workshop a little further, to 67 Hesperidon & 70 Agios Pantons, where the headquarters of the company remain to this day.

In 1968, his son, Babis, undertook to continue the family tradition, opening one of the first baby goods stores in Kallithea at 103 Theseos Street. However, being a forward-looking person, he soon realized that he had to expand the variety of products one could find in the "Paleologos" store.

Thus, next to metal hand-made items, he also started marketing baby and children's products, to meet the needs of the modern family. Fifteen years later, the stores in Kallithea had grown to three and the name "Paleologos" had become associated with the care of the children of all the southern suburbs.

Different Baby fox

In 1995, the third generation began to participate in the family tradition. In the beginning, the young John spent only his summers among the variety of products in the stores.

In 2004, however, he took it upon himself to lead the family business into its new era. At a time when, in addition to collaborations with international companies in the field of baby and children's goods, he also opened up the field of adult clothing, with the introduction of Kukuxumusu products.

In 2014, the company "Paleologos" launched its first online store, the Different Store, emphasizing on the one hand the family's timeless love for items that stand out with their aesthetics and quality, and on the other hand the different energy and atmosphere which the younger John Paleologos brought with him.</p>


Today, celebrating almost a century of family history and dedication in the field of baby items, the specialist online store Different Store is at your disposal, to offer you everything you need!



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